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Alessi cuisine



Giuseppe Alessi's cuisine

For Giuseppe Alessi, cooking is something more than just mixing and cooking certain ingredients together: cooking is a form of art strictly connected with the culture of the people and with its sensitivity which is confronted with the environment.
Following his recipes one could think that Alessi runs an exclusive esoteric restaurant, or perhaps that he is a cuisine critic, but this is not so, Alessi runs a simple but well looked after restaurant, in the artisan quarter (S. Croce) in the historic centre of Firenze where however it is possible to find important exponents of Fiorentina and international culture at the nearby tables, intent on enjoying with both palate and ear the recipes which Alessi not only prepares but always has pleasure in explaining to anyone who happens to ask.
As you will have understood cooking for him is not an exclusive art but a knowledge/sensation to diffuse.
Always interested in the many ways man can communicate, with the new technologies, Alessi has always been forthcoming in putting his art at the disposition of the surfers of Internet.
Seeing the impossibility of physically transport everyone to Alessi's kitchen, why not bring a small piece of Toscana flavour to your house with each recipe?

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