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Le ricette di Pamela Sheldon Johns



Pamela Sheldon Johns' recipes

Celebrating artisans traditions

Pamela Sheldon Johns is a cookbook author with a diverse culinary background. A former cooking school director, she now travels and lectures to groups such as the International Association of Culinary Professionals, the American Institute of Wine & Food, the Southern California Culinary Guild, Women for WineSense, and the Smithsonian Institute. Her first book, The Healthy Gourmet Cookbook, was a James Beard Cookbook Award nominee. Parmigiano! received a foreign journalism award from Maria Luigia in Parma. Italian Food Artisans was recognized in the top three Italian cookbooks in 1999 by the World Cookbook Revue.

Pamela's cookbooks celebrate the joy of cooking with exceptional ingredients. She emphasizes using seasonal fruits and vegetables that are full of flavor and cooking techniques that enhance that quality. In her Italian-themed books, she details the history and process of making traditional foods and includes the recipes which best highlight those products. These concepts are also included in her weeklong culinary workshops in Italy.

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