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Visita il Mugello, culla dei Medici, a due passi da Firenze e le bellezze toscane




National and international press


05/05/2000, Il sole 24 ore - Italian tourism travels in cyberspace
All of Toscana enclosed in an internet address: the countryside, the architecture, the excursions, the wine cellars, […] Terraditoscana is an extremely rich site which contains an infinity of tourist information and not only that, on Dante’s land
01/04/2003, In Viaggio - Mondadori - The region on line
Complete. A web address thought up for very curious travellers.[…] Among the more interesting chapters, are those of the recipes of the month and Italian popular cooking
01/09/2001, In Viaggio - Mondadori - Ceramics, recipes and sport on the computer
Then there is the rich choice of sections. That dedicated to the territory is indispensable. […] To know all about farms, villas, castles and churches.
01/09/1998, Qui Touring - The sites of the month.
Traditional and cultural architecture, art and trades […], are among the themes proposed by the Terraditoscana site […] Hundreds of pages in Italian and English form a solid body, documented, almost encyclopaedic.
09/09/1999, I Viaggi di Repubblica - Terra di Toscana
It is a good clean site, fast and full of information. News about wine cellars, on agriculture, on flowers, on golf and different good advice on excursions.
01/01/2001, Gente Viaggi - Weekend trips: The Metalliferic Hills
Recommended Site: www.terraditoscana.com
01/01/2001, Neue Zürcher Zeitung Format - Terra di Toscana
Sehr schön gemachter Web-Reiseführer für die Toskana mit vielen Infos und Fotos
Tourist guide WEB for Toscana, beautiful and well realised containing a lot of information and photographs.
01/10/2002, Lucire - The Global fashion Magazine - My Italian Obsession
Visiting Florence? Check this out: www.terraditoscana.com

01/01/2001, Cioè - Splendid
Perfectly organised. Available in Italian and English […] Excellent down load speed. The site is updated regularly. Extremely positive. One finds suggestions for better living in a land rich in tradition and history.

01/12/2000, Internet Magazine - Terra di Toscana
Toscana is loved in all the world. But how is the Toscana land, this site tries to present it to us at its best, it consists of over 6000 pages. .
09/03/2000, Salon.com - Travel and food
A site with some outstanding photographs of the Tuscan countryside is Terra di Toscana.com
08/11/2000, Conectados - www.terraditoscana.com
Es "el sitio" de la comida toscana. Hay una extensa lista de recetas tradicionales y cocina creativa
It is the Toscana cuisine site, it has a vast list of traditional recipes and creative cooking
08/01/2002, SuperEva - Traditional Toscana cooking
From the most useful Terre di Toscana site, the mouth watering cooking section
16/07/1998, Virgilio - Terra di Toscana
The Mugello. We like the perfumes, the flavours, the land, the inhabitants, the scenery… and in one site alone we can savour all that makes up Mugello in Toscana. We like it because: there is no way to still have unresolved doubts.

Hannibal in Florence, a Terraditoscana creature

26/02/2001, Independent - Florence invites tourists to follow in Hannibal's footsteps
Hot on the heels of the film Hannibal [...] an Internet site has opened inviting fans to retrace the steps of the film's murderous protagonist, the website www.hannibalinflorence.com features orthodox and alternative sights.
24/04/2001, Esquire - Dr. Hannibal (Guide to Man at his Best)
A range of exquisite dishes entertain Dr. Hannnibal-the-Cannibal. A great Italian chef, Mr. G Alessi made, imagining that he is serving a passionate intellectual who loves rich tastes. Its recipe is available from www.hannibalinflorence.com by Polimedia srl
11/07/2000, Il Corriere della Sera - Discover Firenze in an unusual way
Discovering Firenze: an unusual itinerary, viewed with the perverse eyes of Thomas Harris’ Hannibal the cannibal.
15/06/2000, La Stampa - Hannibal’s Firenze
On the site www.hannibalinflorence.com 50 of the most significant locations in Firenze have been chosen partly because they were mentioned by Thomas Harris and partly because they fit the personality.
12/01/2001, CinemaZip RAI - The cinema to come: the cannibal on the network
Among the Italian sites the most amusing is that which proposes a tour of Toscana searching for traces of Doctor Lecter (www.terraditoscana.com) [...] On the site images can be found of all the criminal’s best loved locations, curiosities regarding the set and the recipes dedicated to him by two Fiorentini chefs.
28/06/2000, Lycos - Firenze: Hannibal Lecter exceptional tourist
However, the visit by Hannibal the cannibal to Firenze, has, in the last few days, become a web site, www.hannibalinflorence.com, which takes this opportunity to make a on line visit to the city through the eyes of the protagonist of the novel.
01/01/2001, HappyWeb - The hunt for Hannibal is re-opened on the web
Most of the film takes place in Firenze [...] in a special link on www.terraditoscana.com Hannibal guides us through the various locations of the film by means of a game “discover where Hannibal is hiding”.
16/06/2000, KataWeb - “Hannibal” in Firenze has become a site
It is the site www.hannibalinflorence.com realised by the company Polimedia, which has chosen 50 of the most significant locations in Firenze.
02/07/2000, SuperEva - The return of cannibal
A site to not miss!!! www.hannibalinflorence.com. Taking the idea from Doctor Hannibal’s stay in Firenze a wonderful site has just been published containing 400 pages in two languages.
28/06/2000, Alice.it - Site of the month: Hannibal in Firenze, amuse yourself reading and surfing
An amusing site, particularly good form the graphics point of view, with quality images, easy to down load. An original analysis of a literary theme, which appears realised as a game, but hides a great professionalism.

Press Agencies

31/10/2002, ANSA - Internet: presented the new guide Terraditoscana.com
A new version presented at the accademia dei Georgofili in Firenze [...] in ‘Visiting Toscana’ you find the profiles of all the municipalities of the region, with historic/tourist information (the historic part was reproduced with authorization from the Toscana Regione). Terraditoscana however contains a lot more.
30/10/2002, AGI - Tourism: The largest guide to Toscana on the web
It is the major web-site on Toscana material, and has more that one million visitors every year.
12/09/2001, ANSA - Commerce: The portal Valorechianti.com is born
Together with the banking company, the companies of Iside, Polimedia, Claim Communications and Irecoop also participated in the project
14/06/2000, AGI - Internet: Computer guide to Firenze on the footsteps of Hannibal
On the internet it tells of an unusual Firenze, seen through the refined and perverse eyes of Hannibal Hopkins. This initiative was presented today by Polimedia.
14/06/2000, ANSA - Hannibal: cannibal’s stay in Firenze on the site
The site composed of some 400 pages and about 150 high quality images, other that the artistic, architectural section, it also contains a playful part, consisting of a game, a shop of free gadgets.
27/05/1998 ANSA - The Mugello speaks English on the internet
In fact the first site dedicated to history, culture and tradition in this part of Toscana has recently been launched [...] more than 500 pages in Italian and the same number in English.
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