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The territory of the Valdisieve includes the final section of the River Sieve valley and part of the Florentine Pratomagno. Pontassieve, Pelago, Rufina, Londa, Dicomano, and San Godenzo are dotted along the basin of the River Sieve as far as the confluence of the River Arno, located in countryside made up of delightful hills that rise in the north towards Monte Falterona and in the south up to the ridge of Monte Giovi.

In the lower reaches of the Sieve valley can be found gentle hilly areas cultivated with olives and vines which give the countryside a particular fascination. It is also possible to find countryside with a much more rugged mountain feel to it, as in the Parco Nazionale: inside its bounds there is Monte Falterona, the source of the River Arno, and also the highest peak of the whole area, Monte Falco, which is 1647 metres high.

Reggello lies on the slopes of Pratomagno, on the sunny hills that overlook the Arno valley. Excellent olive oil is produced here. On the upper reaches of the slopes, the olives give way to the extensive beech and fir woods of the Vallombrosa forest, created and cared for over the centuries by the monks who live in the abbey of the same name.

The climate is mild and the area is shielded from the cold northern winds by the peaks of the Apennine watershed.


Picture by Antonio Barletti

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