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Inhabitants in 1991: 1.216

The village of Londa is situated on the left side of river Sieve, from which Londa is distant about 3 kms, along the state road S.S. 556 to Stia, and the territory extends for about 59,90 kmq. The boundaries are: Rufina, San Godenzo, Stia and Pratovecchio.

The communal territory, situated between 200 and 1480 metres above the sea level, is formed by the valley of the two mains streams Rincine and Moscia, and it includes the resorts of Petroio, Rincine, Fornace, Caiano, S.Leolino, Sambucheta, Bucigna, Vierle and Rata. The environment is characterized by a rich woody and forestal vegetation and by very pure spring-water which make the climate particularly healthy.

The local economical activities have changed a lot in the past 30 years. The agriculture, which covers the 20% of the territory and which was interested by the phenomenon of abandonment, very common to all the Apennines areas, represents the basis of the local economy, together with the forestal activity and the craftsmanship. It is important to mention a particular type of peach which is cultivated in the territory of Londa and which is called "Regina di Londa".

The touristic development, which has interested the entire territory, has been very important. The presence of second houses determines, in certain periods of the year, the double of the present population. Also the so called "pendolare" tourism is important, due to the environment and the favourable climate, as well as to the presence, in Londa, of a small lake, where there are receptive and sportive structures, and which has become famous for the fairs and exhibitions that take place every year.

The territory of Londa was interested by human settlements since the Etruscan period, as it is confirmed by the discovery of some sepulchral stones, the first of them was found in 1871 near the hamlet of Trebbio; it was perfectly conserved and today it is possible to admire it in the Museo Archeologico of Florence. The presence of a real necropolis, today quite unexplored, let us think about a consistent and steady settlement of Etruscan population which can be dated back to the VI century B. C.

Places to visit:
It is important to mention the "Festa di Settembre", which takes place the second sunday of September together with the Sagra of the peach "Regina di Londa".

Translated by Ann Mountford

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