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Casale Marittimo

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Inhabitants in 1991: 923

The territory of Casale Marittimo extends for 14,33 square kilometres on the low coastal hills which overlooks the plain to the south of the mouth of the Cecina river. Its origins as community go back to the primitive nucleus of the Medieval castle.

In the XI century it was the possession of the Counts Gherardesca who donated it to the monastery of Montescudaio founded by them in 1091, The castle called the Casale Vecchio and recorded in 1186 in an Imperial Certificate with which Enrico VI confirmed the rights of the Bishop of Volterra over it. The history of the community suffered a drastic variation in 1363 when the habitation, with the exception of the parish church, was entirely destroyed by the Fiorentini, who incorporated it definitively in their domain in 1406. The events following the settlement are tied to the growth of another village, then fortified called Casale Nuovo, were in the second half of the 1500s a new parish church was built. In 1684 the Medici, after having united it administratively to Montescudaio, transformed it in Marquisate, assigning it to the Ridolfi family. Until 1862 it was called only Casale and from 1862 to 1899 Calsale di Val di Cecina.

Historical info reproduced upon authorization of Regione Toscana - Dipartimento della Presidenza E Affari Legislativi e Giuridici
Translated by Ann Mountford

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