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Inhabitants in 1991: 1.827

The municipal territory of Cutigliano, on the mountain of the high Val di Lima, extends for 43,82 square kilometres. It was already Capital of the surrounding area in the late Middle Ages, it became Seat of the community with the Leopoldino regulation of the XVIII century. It reached its present day aspect in 1979 with the aggregation of a small uninhabited area detached from the municipality of San Marcello Pistoiese, after a portion of the territory was detached to form a new autonomous municipality of Abetone in 1936.

The town of Cutigliano, which legend has as being founded from the survivors escaping from the defeated army of Catilina in 63 B.C. (and again from this arose a fantasy interpretation that it took the name of Catilianum), presumably owed its development to the fact that it was a stopping place on the Appenninica dell’Alpe alla Croce road which connected, at least from the VIII century, the Pisotia plains to the Modena area; It belonged to the jurisdiction of Lizzano until the XIV century and then passed under the direct domino of Pistoia.

To the latter it owes the creation of a new magistrature, the Captain of the Mountain (1368), destined to co-ordinate the external defences and appease the internal discords of the seven centres of the Pistoia mountains; This rector resided in the Cutiglianese Pretoria Palace for six months of the year and in San Marcello for the other six months. Cutigliano became part of the Fiorentina republic with the conquest of Pistoia at the beginning of the 1400s, and from then has followed its fate, maintaining in the Grand Duchy a role of strategic and administrative prominence.

Places to visit:
S. Bartolomeo, church rebuilt in the 1500s and several time remodelled.

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Picture by Sandro Santioli
Translated by Ann Mountford

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