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Gambassi Terme

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Inhabitants in 1991: 4.215

The municipal territory of Gambassi extends fro 83,06 square kilometres in the middle hilly zone of the Valle dell'Elsa. Feudal centre then Medieval Podesta Office abolished with the Leopoldina reform, it was raised to community in 1917 when with the districts of Varna, Catignano and Castagno it was detached from the municipality of Montaione. From 1977 the new name of the municipality is Gambassi Terme.

In the Medieval era it was owned by some small local Feudal Lords, the Gambassi castle from 1037 started to become the property of the Bishops of Volterra through donations and acquisitions which were concluded in 1115. In the XII century next to Gambassi Vetus, placed lower down, was Gambassi Novum, built on the hill were it is found today, in a safer position, and the men of the two places united themselves with stipulated agreements in 1150 and 1170. In 1244 Federico II gave the investiture of the castle to Gualtieri Upezzinghi: this however did not impede the Bishops of Volterra in continuing to exercise their Lordly rights, the inhabitants of Gambassi considered them so insupportable that in 1268 they subjugate themselves to San Gimignano traditional enemy of Volterra. This naturally provoked a grievance between the two rivals, culminating in an open battle in 1275, and concluding in 1280 with an arbitrational ruling. In 1293, with the peace of Fecucchio, Gambassi was detached from the San Gimignano territory and united to the Fiorentino county thus constituting a community together with Catignano, Pulicciano and Montignoso. In 1432 it was occupied by the Visconti militia, who sacked it. In 1435 it was united to the Podesta Office of Barbialla; in 1529 and in 1530 it suffered damage in the war which gave origin to the Duchy of Firenze. With the Leopoldina reform of 1774 the Podesta Office was suppressed and Gambassi was annexed to the community of Montaione, from which it regained autonomy in 1917.

Historical info reproduced upon authorization of Regione Toscana - Dipartimento della Presidenza E Affari Legislativi e Giuridici
Translated by Ann Mountford

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