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Inhabitants in 1991: 7.855

The municipal territory of Lari extends for 45,13 square kilometres in a hilly region between the Val d’Era and the valley ridge of Collesalvetti comprising a hilly area and a zone of plain. In 1927 it suffered a territorial reduction with the subtraction of certain districts which went to make up the autonomous municipality of Bagni di Casciana, now called Casciana Terme. It was a Medieval municipality and from the XV century a Vicariate Seat.

The first mention of a court and castle of Lari was found in a document by Gottifredo di Toscana in 1067, and towards the middle of the XII century it was noted at being the property of the Bishop of Pisa. About a century later the Upezzinghi di Massagamboli took up residence there, a powerful family from the Pisa aristocracy who, in a struggle with the townspeople temporarily maintained possession, and who were perhaps responsible for the first building of the fortress. It re-entered into the Pisa dominion, Lari was chosen in XIV century as Captaincy Seat of the Colline Superiori. Subjected to Firenze in 1406 it became Vicariate Seat and in the first half of the 1500s saw the realisation of notable restoration and reinforcement works to the fortress and the walls. With the Leopoldina reform of 1776 ten neighbouring little communities were aggregated.

Historical info reproduced upon authorization of Regione Toscana - Dipartimento della Presidenza E Affari Legislativi e Giuridici
Translated by Ann Mountford

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