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Ortignano - Raggiolo

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Inhabitants in 1991 : 804

The Municipal territory of Ortignano Raggiolo in the Casentino, extends over an area of 36,45 square kilometres from the crest of Pratomagno to the influx of the Archiano stream with the Arno. Feudal centre, it reached its present aspect in 1873 when the territory of the suppressed community of Raggiolo was integrated with it.

Ortignano in the XIII century was feudal to the Counts Guidi di Poppi, to whom the Emperor Federico II confirmed the rights over the location in 1248. Later Arezzo obtained the jurisdiction over this land thanks to the privilege conceded to the city by Carlo IV in 1356. Ortignano then passed definitively to Firenze in 1384 together with all the Arezzo district, taking the name of the municipality of “Valle Fiorentina”. Raggiolo instead was part of the dominion of the Ubertini di Chitignano who were deprived of their castle in 1325 by Guido Tarlati, Bishop and Lord of Arezzo. After the death of this person Pier Saccone Tarlati and his son Marco became the Lords until the definitive submission of Firenze in 1356.

Historical info reproduced upon authorization of Regione Toscana - Dipartimento della Presidenza E Affari Legislativi e Giuridici
Translated by Ann Mountford

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