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Pian di Scò

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Inhabitants in 1991 : 4,599

The Municipal territory of Pian di Scò in the Valdarno Superiore, extends for 18,43 square kilometres between hills and mountains, in a thin strip which goes from valley bottom on the right of the Arno to the crest of Pratomagno. It reached its present day municipal position in 1809, when it became an autonomous community by separating itself from the community of Castelfranco di Sopra.

In the first three centuries after the year 1000, Pian di Scò was under the dominion of the feudal families Pazzi del Valdarno and Ubertini ; with the construction of Castelfranco di Sopra, “Terra Nuova” 1296, which the Fiorentini wanted in order to weaken the power of these disorderly bands, the village of Pian di Scò also became part of the Lega di Castelfranco and was aggregated into the Fiorentina republic. The Parish Church of Santa Maria at Scò was a centre of religious and civil aggregation, whose existence is documented from the beginning of the XI century.

Places to Visit :
The above mentioned Parish Church.

Historical info reproduced upon authorization of Regione Toscana - Dipartimento della Presidenza E Affari Legislativi e Giuridici
Translated by Ann Mountford

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