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Terranuova Bracciolini

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Inhabitants in 1991 : 10,392

The Municipal territory of Terranuova Bracciolini, in the Valdarno Superiore, extends for 85,37 square kilometres between the last low south eastern layers of the Pratomagno and the plains to the right of the Arno. Of Medieval origin, it reached its present day aspect in 1868, when the entire territory of the suppressed Municipality of Castiglione Ubertini was aggregated to it.

Terranuova, with the antique name of Castel Santa Maria in Ganghereto, was, at least since the XI century , among the properties of the Ubertini, who together with the Pazzi del Valdarno and the Guidi were firmly asserted in the zone with various rural Lordships The Castle was destroyed by the Fiorentini in 1271, but precisely to stem the territorial expansion of these feudal families, the Municipal of Firenze in 1299 decreed the foundation of three new fortified settlements in the Valdarno Superiore, the so-called “terre nuove” : Castel Santa Maria was thus rebuilt between 1337 and 1348 with a planned project “a onore e difesa della repubblica” (to honour and defend the republic). This area saw the birth of the humanist Poggio Bracciolini (1380-1459), whom they celebrated by adding his name to the town name of his birthplace ; and the artist Friar fra’ Diamante (1430ca - 1498)

Places to Visit :
S. Maria, the archpriesthood where there is a multicoloured terracotta from the studio of Della Robbia.

Historical info reproduced upon authorization of Regione Toscana - Dipartimento della Presidenza E Affari Legislativi e Giuridici
Translated by Ann Mountford

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