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Terre di Lunigiana
A very informative site about Lunigiana. An address to write down before visiting Lunigiana. Towns, traditions and spare time, are just some of arguments you can find.
Apuan Alps Regional Park
An essential site managed by the park authority
Massa Carrara Official Tourist office
Well designed site rich of worth info. A must see.
Terra di Lunigiana
Portal containing all the events of Lunigiana, theater, and the main festivals of the territory.
The tourist portal of Lunigiana
The tourist portal of Lunigiana. You can find here places, tourist paths, events, fun and all what you need to plan a stay in Lunigiana.
A site to visit before going in the area. Very nice the section about the legends.
Pieve della Cappellla
An amateur site about a small church near Seravezza
The civic network of Carrara
A site built to keep in touch with the citizens. The marble section is not bad.
The civic network of Massa
The civic net of the Massa city hall, mainly oriented towards the citizens. Contains a section about events.

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