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Visita il Mugello, culla dei Medici, a due passi da Firenze e le bellezze toscane




Local Press

21/11/2002, La Nazione - A million visitors a year to the internet guide to Toscana.
Profiles of municipalities, recipes, crafts, old photographs. A public which is 85% foreign (American, Australian, German and Israeli are in the lead) with the possibility to book visits, buy tickets for museums or reserve villas, farms, and hotel rooms.

10/11/2002, Toscana Oggi - A new site for “living Toscana”
Discover the antiques market hidden among the Toscan hills, organise excursions on foot or bicycle [...] Terra di Toscana represents a real and true on line guide to Toscana for the world
01/11/2002, Il Tirreno - Terraditoscana, a new web guide to get to know the Granducato
You can book, directly from the site, choosing from among 2,500 villas and farm houses and 3,700 hotels. These are some of the numbers on the web site Terraditoscana.com, realised by Polimedia srl.
01/11/2002, Il Corriere di Firenze - After 5 years the site www.terraditoscana.com has become adult
Toscana opens the portal wide for its 80 thousand visitors a month (a fifth that is of the visitors to Sole 24 Ore) Terraditoscana renews the contents, the graphics and the navigation system.
01/11/2002, ASCA Quotidiano autonomie locali - Terraditoscana.com the largest site of the region
Terraditoscana.it, the new site presented by Polimedia srl which for 5 years has worked at this project. Exciting numbers [...] Terraditoscana has become a huge container adapted to the insertion of new services and products, as for some time, via the site, it has been possible to rent villa and farm holidays, to book hotels and organised visits, and tickets for museums in Firenze.
14/09/2002, Il Giornale della Toscana - An online portal will increase the value of the culture of Chianti
The initiative [...] was presented at San Casciano at the Auditoium della Banca del Chianti Fiorentino, the banking company promoter [...] the bank, will be flanked by a series of partners: Iside, the computer science pole of the Credito Cooperativo, Polimedia (proprietor of the portal Terraditoscana.com), the marketing agency Claim Communication.
05/09/2002, Il Tirreno - American fiancés are married at Galceti
A thirty year old couple, have found the intercontinental solution browsing, in December, the pages of Terraditoscana.com portal specialising in tourist news and, concentrate on the villas for rent.
05/09/2002, La Nazione - From Washington to celebrate a wedding the Italian way
A choice which was induced particularly by Internet and the portal Terraditoscana.com [...] and Terraditoscana themselves organised the ceremony down to the last detail…
25/04/2002, La Nazione - And there is also a new huge web site
Mugello has its new huge site [...] with its graphics arranged by Carlo Santoni from Polimedia who from 1998 has created and managed www.terraditoscana.com which with its 6000 bilingual pages is the most vast internet site dedicated to Toscana
05/11/2001, La Nazione - Thanks to internet they are restoring the New York Synagogue
What can be the tie between the New York Synagogue and the Val di Sieve? A web site, more precisely a highly successful portal on Toscana [...] we are speaking of www.terraditoscana.com
17/09/2001, Il Corriere - Showcase on the web for the products of Chianti
There will be, as partners: Iside, computer science pole of Credito Cooperativo and Polimedia proprietor of the portal Terraditoscana.com
11/08/2001, La Nazione - XVI century Mugello Banquet filmed and narrated on English TV
11/08/2001, La Nazione – XVI century Mugello Banquet filmed and narrated on English TV
An English troupe who have discovered Toscana gastronomy through the pages of the www.terraditoscan.com site have, in fact, reconstructed a Renaissance Banquet with precise philological attention – documentarily set with testimonies to the Mugello Medicee
20/07/2001, Il Corriere di Firenze - The Mugello villas are the setting for an English documentary
In this documentary the Toscana and Mugello gastronomy published in the internet site Terraditoscana could not be left out.
20/07/2001, La Nazione - The English study Toscana cuisine
They have discovered Toscana gastronomy through the pages of the site www Terraditoscana.com and have reconstructing a Renaissance Banquet [...] the initiative is by an English production house who are realising the documentary..
14/03/2001, La Nazione - Wedding in Medicean style can be done by clicking on an internet site
Terraditoscana.com, have thought of it, the vast site originating from the Mugello, who suggest, on line, to those next in line for the orange blossom, a wedding from other times.
25/01/2001, Il Tirreno - Internet, more than 50 thousand visitors on Hannibal’s Firenze website
The site is composed of 400 web pages, all full up with images, exclusive texts and lots of news. Among the services offered there is even an interview with Niccolò Capponi, descendent of the Noble family in whose Firenze palace Doctor Lecter lived.
30/09/2000, Il Giornale della Toscana - The traditional cuisine on the web
Those who would like to try their hand at the historic Toscana recipes – and those who wouldn’t, can also consult the site www.terraditoscana.com who offer a impressive number of ideas and recipes
15/06/2000, Il Giornale della Toscana - Hannibal awaits you on the Internet
Traces of Hannibal Lecter have been found in Firenze … with these inviting opening words the new web site www.hannibalinflorence.com the surfer is urged to follow up Harris’ footsteps [...] The invitation is proposed by Polimedia srl a company which is not new to this type of web experience. In fact, two years ago it created Terraditoscana.com, multimedia magazine about the splendours and reality of our region: a real success.
15/06/2000, Il Corriere - The cannibal site to get to know the city better
Here is www.hannibalinflorence.com a rather particular guide on the web [...] the new internet site conceived by Polimedia the company which created Terraditoscana.com, from today on the web available [...] to anyone who wants to take on to alternative tourism of our city.
15/06/2000, La Nazione - On line tourism through the eyes of Hannibal
It is an on line voyage to discover Firenze following the footsteps of the protagonist [...] the site can be browsed like a newspaper page following page, or consulted through an index of locations [...] Realised by Polimedia srl with the aim of presenting Firenze to the tourists throughout the world in an unusual way.
21/05/2000, La Nazione - Computer pirates on the attack
And now the Hackers [...] they presume even with the Mugello. Like this: www.terraditoscana.com, the site which tells of the Mugello on the web [...] under attack by the hackers.
23/03/2000, La Nazione - Production and tourism: two official showcases on the Internet
It is the new initiative promoted by the Comunità Montane del Mugello and the Montagna Fiorentina who in collaboration with the company Polimedia in Firenze, have launched an internet site dedicated to the arts and crafts found in the area. The initiative is also seen as an important synergy between the public and private sectors.
27/02/2000, Il Corriere - Has discovered the Mugello on the internet: “I will get married here”
The young lady finds www.tuscanyrental.com [...] which collects the many proposals from Hotels and Farm holidays. She was so fascinated by the beauty of the area to affirm that she would pass “most beautiful day” in the land of the Medici.
27/02/2000, La Nazione - Get to know the Mugello on the Internet and decide to get married at Scarperia
Falling in love, thanks to Internet, has become possible, and already it is not an altogether new thing: however, to decide to get married in the Mugello simply after having visited the site www.tuscanyrental.com probably is.
21/08/1999, La Nazione - Danish TV arrives in Toscana and has decided to film the Mugello. Where did they discover it? On the Internet
The go-between Mugello-Denmark was the Internet, totally Internet: From the land of the mermaid they surfed the site www.terraditoscana.it and discovered the environmental beauty of the area, they contacted the webmaster of the site Carlo Santoni via email [...] they bit by bit defined the particulars of the journey.
06/08/1999, La Nazione - Propaganda on the Internet
Terraditoscana.it, a site which is distinguishing itself for its high quality.
09/04/1999, La Nazione - The city on line
www.terraditoscana.com, a web site in constant growth.
14/03/1999, La Nazione - A thousand years of history scenery and cuisine on the Internet in 1200 pages
The site www.terraditoscana.com is born, and in ten months from its debut can count on 1800 pages and a thousand images [...] the site, even in its complexity stands our for the particular graphic quality of the pages and the photographs, and recognition has not been lacking.
10/09/1998, La Nazione - The Mugello and the publicity on the Internet
This evening, thanks to Internet, the American artist Cynthia Ward Dulmage arrives in the Piazza dei Vicari at Scarperia, she discovered Scarperia and the festa del Diotto through a web site, www.terraditoscana.com, which in three months has reached ten thousand visitors, shows that the Mugello will gain a lot from initiatives such as this.
22/07/1998, La Nazione - The Mugello on the Internet is visited by thousands
Carlo Santoni will present his fantastic site [...] (www.terraditoscana.it) in a month visited by 3000 people throughout the world, as witnessed by the numerous letters received, from America, Australia and many European countries, fruit of the appealing Italian and English pages.
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